What You Need To Know About Box Braids

Box Braids are one of the classic protective hairstyle that never goes out of style! They were made popular in 1993 movie where Janet Jackson wore it. They come in different sizes, small, medium, large, jumbo; different colors and color combos which helps you showcase your inner feelings and different lengths: chin length or bob, shoulder, waist lengths e.t.c. Whatever your preferred size, color and length maybe, you must relate this well to your stylist before the braiding starts. Also avoid making your hair super tight as this would not only hurt you but can damage your hair and may lead to hair loss (alopecia).

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They are called Box braids because your hair is parted in a shape of a box (square) before braiding and your hair is braided as single braids. It’s best to prep your hair using a proper hair care regimen is before making your box braids. You can create box braids by using your own hair or adding extension hair for added volume and length and also to make the braids last longer.

 If you’re adding extensions. Use pre-stretched synthetic hair so that it won’t tangle as you weave it into your natural hair. Also look for extension that has a slightly more textured feel to help the braid keep longer as extensions with smooth or silky feel could lead to your braids loosening too quickly.

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There’s a lot of versatility that also comes with its free-flowing nature. You can choose to wear your braids as a middle part or as a side part.

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How Long Do Box Braids Keep?

Your Box Braids will last for four to six weeks depending on how you care for them. Like any protective styles, tie up your braids at night and sleep with a satin bonnet or scarf on. Also, do not apply too much product on your braids to help prevent product build up.

Can I Wash My Box Braids?

Yes, you can wash your box braids however focus more on washing your scalp instead of the braids themselves. Use Sulfate free shampoo and gently rub your scalp as much tugging can loosen out your braids at the root.

When washing the braids, apply the shampoo on your hands and smooth the braids down in a downward motion. Rinse and Dry them thoroughly. Once the braids are completely dry, trim off the fly aways and spray with a styling gel spray or oil sheen to revive the braids shine.

Box Braids Wigs

Box Braid wigs are box braids made as wigs. When they’re well made, they usually look very natural like they’re actually braided on your head. They’re a great option as they last longer for over 2 years with good care and always handy when you need to get a quick errand done or when you’re having a bad hair day and Yes! You should really own a braided wig and here’s some reasons!

With the Wigs, you also have the liberty of having wig customized in your preferred color or colors and lengths. Feel free to check out our box braids wig.

We have partnered with two of our favorite Youtubers to show you can easily install our box braids wig (frontal and full lace options) and how natural it can look when installed properly.


Box Braids wig (Frontal Lace)

Box Braid Styles

They are lots of box braids styles to choose from. They can also be accessorized by adding beads, curly extensions, curling the braid tips and hair jewelries like cowries, hair rings, hair cuffs. With different colors and color mix options, you sure can rock the box braids without getting bored of the style. Check out our collection of box braid styles gallery for some inspiration for your next hairdo.

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