7 Hair Myths That Will Blow Your Mind

If we got a dollar for every time we heard someone say something about Hair that’s untrue, we’d be swimming in cash.

But we know we’re not the only ones. You, too, have probably heard something untrue about hair. So, today, we’ll be putting a pair of scissors to these myths and cutting them off…literally.

Here are some of the craziest hair myths we’ve heard:

  1. MYTH: If you pluck one grey hair, two more will grow in its place.

FACT: Myths surrounding grey hair have to be like a million-plus in number because there’s one about grey hair and wisdom, grey hair and money, grey hair and exposure to sunlight and many more. We can only laugh at these sayings because many of them are just things that people create in their minds for their comfort. And no, grey hair does not mean a person will automatically be wiser or get more credit alerts. When it comes to plucking grey hair, taking one or two out does not mean ten more will grow in its place. Instead, here’s what happens according to Shaskank Kraleti, M.D, a family and preventive medicine physician: ‘When you pluck a grey hair out, like darker shades, you will only get one strand of hair in its place because there is only one hair that is able to grow per follicle. Your surrounding hairs will not turn white until their own follicles’ pigment cells die.’

  1. MYTH: Dandruff is a result of a dry scalp.

FACT: Again, several conclusions surrounding dandruff are simply untrue. First off, let’s start by saying that a dry scalp is not automatically equal to having dandruff and that dandruff is not contagious! Dandruff and dry scalp are simply not the same things.  Dryness comes from the loss of natural moisture causing the hair to be brittle. Dandruff, on the other hand, is a result of an oily scalp or fungus that results in an overproduction of dead cell buildup and shedding. To deal with dandruff effectively, you want to check for anti-dandruff treatment which helps to nourish your hair and restore the scalp’s protective barrier.

  1. MYTH: Natural Hair is very strong and difficult to manage

FACT: Well, this can be true to an extent but it only depends on you. Natural, relaxed or texlaxed, hair care and management is more than just the look and feel of the hair. Everyone’s hair is unique as a result of genetics. While natural hair may look or even feel tough, it is fragile and has to be handled with much care. From combing and detangling to protective styling, knowing the best way to handle natural hair can make all the difference. Whether you’ve been a naturalista for long, or you are just transitioning, your hair routine is one important thing that helps to keep your hair hygiene in the topmost game.

  1. MYTH: African hair can only grow so long.

FACT: This is like saying there’s a limit to the level of education you can receive because of your skin colour or gender. And honestly, there is no single truth to it. African hair, especially when there is no chemical processing or relaxers is more curly than other hair types, and so can shrink up to half its original length! That’s why even when it is very long, black hair will look shorter than straight or wavy hair. Does this mean that African hair cannot grow like other hair types? Absolutely not. Sometimes, it is not even about the products used, but it could be about the tools or techniques. Do you blow dryer or use heating methods often? Are your ends oiled regularly? Do you moisturize, deep condition and wear protective styles as you should? The truth is this, embracing the uniqueness of African hair and learning the best way to care for it will help us not only but also helps our hair flourish!

  1. MYTH: The scalp needs to be ‘greased’ as often as possible.

FACT: While many of us grew up with this as a kind of ritual, looking back now, it did not help. Yes, we may say it did not harm the health of our hair but simply put, it was not necessary. Our scalps can produce their own oil independently. However, when you find that there is acute dryness, light oils like olive, jojoba, sweet almond, coconut, etc can help. They are easily dissolved into the scalp and, if used in the right proportion, will not leave your hair greasy. Avoid heavy greasing of your scalp with products containing mineral oil or petroleum-based substances. To help you put it in perspective, consider what happens when there is product build-up in your hair.

  1. MYTH: The more you trim your ends, the more your hair grows.

FACT: There is no gainsaying that trimming has its benefits for the overall health of your hair especially when you have split ends, it has nothing to do with the roots of your hair. Hair growing out of your scalp is new unlike the ones at the tip which are the oldest and weakest. Trimming helps you see the real length of your hair, by discarding strands that are breaking and splitting.

  1. MYTH: Air-drying is more beneficial for hair than blow-drying

FACT: Truth be told, this one is relative. While it’s recommended that you don’t always subject your strands to frequent bouts of heat-based drying, back-to-back open-air drying is also not a great idea. A study shows that while blow-drying causes more damage to the hair’s surface, air-drying causes more damage within the strands themselves, which may be worse in the long run. Remember, it’s the long-term effects that hit hard the most. Extended exposure to water causes the hair to swell up and puts pressure on the proteins that keep your hair intact, potentially causing more damage than heat styling. So, what do you do? Use the lowest heat setting on your dryer. You may also hold the tool at least six inches away from your hair to minimize the effect of heat on a single area of your head at any point in time. There you have it! What are the weirdest hair myths you have heard? Share them with us in the comments section, we’ll be reading! Share this article with your loved ones and follow us on social media to stay updated on new updates from us.

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