E-gift Cards: The Perfect Gift Of Choice

Gift cards are a form of prepaid arrangement that helps the beneficiary to purchase anything they want at the equivalent price or worth of the card. 

A gift card can be used by you or given to family, friends, or anyone else. It is a convenient and functional gift to give someone especially when you’re not sure what to give them, and there’s no better gift than when you gift someone the freedom of choice so they can choose what they want to purchase. With gift cards, the options are endless. You can get access to products and services from brands that deal in everything from food, fashion and travel to the spa, sporting goods and home interior items.

Today, gift cards are more than just physical cards which can be used in-store or online. There are also digital versions that can be redeemed through the internet or over the phone. 

The world has gone digital, and so, this option takes an upper hand by delivering on-the-spot access to its beneficiaries. E-gift cards can be sent to the user via email, SMS, social media, or smartphone apps. 

However, digital gift cards are even more so unique in the sense that they can be integrated with digital wallets to ensure safe and secure online payments. They also have a wider reach than physical gift cards. And so, it is not surprising to find that even though physical gift cards have been popular for many years, digital versions are fast gaining ground. What’s more? Digital gift cards are a perfect choice for last-minute gifting (You’re not alone. Sometimes, we all forget those special dates, wink!). Unlike cash or physical gift cards that are unrecoverable when lost, e-gift cards are easy to track, trace and replace.

Gift cards can be of two types: open-loop or closed-loop. Open-loop gift cards are more general and can be used anywhere that brand of card is accepted. Closed-loop cards, on the other hand, are only acceptable to dedicated brands or retail merchants. 

Finest Hairs offers e-gift cards that can be redeemed for any hair or braided wig of choice. And what could be better? Our gift cards last FOREVER! Yes, although some gift cards may have expiration dates, with us, you don’t need to worry about that. And that’s because we’re always here for you. Learn more about our gift card catalogue here.

Our gift cards are beneficial for the ease of cashless payment, they help you avoid excessive spending and can be scheduled to your desired time of delivery. They offer convenience for you if you’re looking to gift that special woman a special bundle of hair and you just don’t know what exactly she’ll certainly love. With our gift cards, she can get access to a wide range of wigs, helping to give a personal touch to your gift as the receiver chooses what appeals most to her.

The perfect time to gift a Finest Hair e-gift card

Contrary to popular opinion, gift cards are an all-season item. They are perfect for expressing gratitude, celebrations like birthdays, Valentine, weddings, graduation, holidays and festivities, or any other kind of noteworthy event, e-gift cards are your best bet for giving personalized gifts. A woman’s best gift is Hair or Wigs. Therefore, Finest Hairs e-gift card is the best gift you can give to the woman in your life be it, your mum, your wife, your girlfriend or your sister and watch them swell with joy. 

Don’t know the right time to gift her an e-gift card? Here are some situations when an e-gift card can come in very handy. 

  1. When you need to give a last-minute gift.
  2. When you’re not sure what to buy for a friend/family member.
  3. When the time is short and you need to send a gift asap.
  4. When you have a budget and need the best bargain.

You can even add special notes and words that express everything you want to say in the sweetest words. 

Here are some notes we absolutely love:

  • You’re the best sister in the world, I’m so lucky to have a sister like you 😘 🤗
  • Our bond is like Tom and Jerry. No matter how many times we fight, we’ll never be apart! 🤪 👯‍♀️
  • Our Friendship knows no distance. Happy birthday from a Social Distance! 😄
  • I am super proud of you, and I hope that this token puts a smile on your face. 😁
  • Mothers are a miracle and you, Mom are the best of them all 😇
  • You are so special, you deserve this and more. 💝
  • I am privileged to know you, and my world is better with you in it. Lots of love! 🥰😘❤

And when you buy our gift cards for yourself, it’s like giving your future self an open cheque. What could be better? Have you ever gifted or received gift cards? Did you love them? Share with us in the comments section.

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