Our Wholesalers and Drop Shippers are entitled to EXTRA DISCOUNTS OFF ALREADY DISCOUNTED RETAIL PRICES. Our Wholesale prices start at $69-$19.

As a Wholesaler, you can pick any style, colour and length 0-30” (extra lengths above 30”, hair root colouring, locs, micro-twists and braids has extra charges attached).

Our Wholesale Package is divided into two plans: Starter Boss Babes Plan and VIP Boss Babes Plan.

Starter Boss Babes are babes that want to become their own Boss selling hairs or braided wigs but do not have large start-up capital or who want to first test out products before investing a larger sum. Minimum order quantity is 3-9 Braided Wigs (for Braided Wigs); 6 Hair Bundles (600g) or 3 Hair Wigs. The hairstyles and braided wig styles can be mix-matched.

VIP Boss Babes are babes who are ready to launch out big and with more start-up capital. Minimum order quantity is 10 and above Braided Wigs (for Braided Wigs); 10 hair bundles = 1kg or 5 Hair Wigs. We also offer to send videos and pictures without watermarks only after 50% fee of 10 Wigs has been paid for.


The amount of profit you can make is unlimited as we give you the best wholesale prices in the market. You’ll also need to put in some hard work in marketing your product. You can Mix and Match between Lace Closure, Frontal and Full Lace Wigs to make more profit.

Example 1: Some of our Full Lace Braided Wigs retails at $369 and $179 wholesale price for VIP Boss Babes. If you buy 10 Full Lace Braided Wigs that is 10pcs*$17 = $1,790 and you sell all 10 Wigs at $369 that is 10pcs*$369 = $3,690. (Selling Price $3,690- Cost price $1,790 = $1,900 (PROFIT) excluding shipping cost.

Example 2: Our Lace Closure Braided Wigs retails at $249 and $80 wholesale price for Starter Boss Babes. If you buy 3 Lace Closure Braided Wigs that is 3pcs*$80 = $240 and you sell all 3 Wigs at $249 that is 3pcs*$249 = $747. (Selling Price $747- Cost price $240 = $507 (PROFIT) excluding shipping cost.

SHIPPING COST: Shipping cost for 3 Wigs is $40. However, for orders over 3 wigs, we might be able to estimate the weight of your order but we don’t collect payment for shipping until we can calculate the exact weight for your order after processing. This is so we don’t overcharge you for shipping or undercharge you.

PROCESSING TIME: We have a dedicated team of braiders that will get your order processed.
3-9 Wigs: 2 weeks
10-20 Wigs: 3 weeks.
Ultra Slim twists: 3 weeks.
Micro twist/braids and Locs: +1week


We screen every application to join our Finest Boss Babes Team. Our complete Wholesale Prices will be sent to your email once we receive your application. The Refundable Application Fee is $50. This is to ensure we receive applications from only people who are ready and serious to start a new business or scale up their already existing business. The application fee is applied to your account and will be deducted from your first total order purchase.

However, if you choose to cancel your application, a $25 Cancellation Fee will be deducted and a Refund less the Cancellation Fee will be sent to you.

On registration, our full wholesale prices will be sent to you via your email or Whatsapp number provided.

If you are ready to become a Boss Babe, please fill out the form below.



Our Dropshipping service is for people who do not have space or capital to stock inventory. Our Drop Shipping is flexible as you don’t need to place an order until a customer has placed an order with you. Our Drop Shipping comes with an option to help you build your Website, Design your Logo, Create your Package Bags and Stickers with your Logo on it at a Fee.

Pictures/Videos Service: We also offer to take pictures and make videos of your product for you on a mannequin with your personalized sticker. We will also give you untagged pictures to advertise with for a start.

Our Drop Shipping Package requires a monthly subscription fee of $25. This covers the photo/video services and product packaging for you. Also, please note that dropshipping subscription payments are non-refundable. 

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