How To Differentiate Synthetic Hair From Human Hair

For most women, purchasing human hair extensions or wigs is an investment. It can, however, be depressing when you’ve spent your money on getting some hair bundles or wig only to tangle and matte excessively to an extent that the hair can no longer be used just after a few wears.

With recent advancements in technology, some synthetic hairs have been made to feel and look almost like human hair such that in those cases, it can be difficult to tell the difference by mere looking at the hairs.

There are however a few ways to easily identify human hairs from synthetic hairs.

1. The Price: The cost associated with collecting and making real human hairs into wefts or wigs is usually high this is because Human Hair (also known as Remy or Non-Remy Hairs) are collected from hair donors while synthetic hairs are processed with chemicals. Therefore the price of synthetic hairs are much lower than that of real human hairs. If the price of the hair is unrealistically low even on the special offer, you should think twice before making such an investment. However, you don’t need to purchase an overly priced hair as the hair vendor will always try to give you the best price.

2. The Burn Test: Take some strands of your own natural hair and burn it. It will burn quickly, smell like goat meat or barbecue and turn to ashes. Then cut some strands of the real human hair and do the same. It’ll burn quickly just like your own natural hair, produce the same odor and turn to ashes. Again, cut some strands of the synthetic hair and burn it too. It will melt, smell like burning rubber or plastic turn into a ball. It won’t produce any ashes. Human hair burns, Synthetic Hair melts!

3. The Heat Test: Human Hairs (Remy or Non-Remy Hairs ) can stand heat while Synthetic Hairs can’t stand heat. Set your hair straightener (flat iron) to 220 degrees and use it to straighten both hairs. If the hair can stand the heat without melting, it’s real human hair.

4. Bleaching/Dyeing: When you bleach or dye human hair, it’ll lighten very fast depending on the grade of the hair. If it’s Synthetic hair, it’ll most likely burn.

5. Color: Human Hairs usually acquire color through exposure to natural light thereby making the hair to have subtle changes of color and highlights. Real Human hair comes in the natural color which is either black (color 1a/1b) or brown. You can always dye to any other color if you want a different color.

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