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Essential Oils For Healthy Hair Growth

Essential oils are oils extracted from plants or fruits that retain their natural essence. Yes, fruits such as Grapefruit, Strawberry, Mango, Coconut, Passion Fruit, and citruses such as Tangerine and Lemon can give a significant amount of oils. The extraction process is known as distillation or evaporation. The chemical compounds contained in these oils make …

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How To Care For Your Locs

Locs are such a beautiful and one of the protective hairstyles for your natural hair. They are very much like loose hair but yet so different and unique in their way.  Caring for locs, also known as dreads or dreadlocks, is one thing that many people sadly underestimate. For reasons unknown, people commonly believe that …

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10 Most Common Hair Questions

Hair questions. We all have them, or we’ve all been asked about them at some point. But what are the most frequently asked questions about this beautiful part of the human anatomy that is both a symbol of our culture and an expression of political views? Despite these and other aspects of what hair means …

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