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Finest Hairs Blog

Things to Consider when Choosing Protective Hairstyles.

By Ifeoma

Edges, roots and tips.  Every part of your hair needs maximum care and attention, and protective styling is one way to achieve this. Protective Hairstyles help to reduce the effect of pulling, tugging, and manipulation that come with styling hair from time to time. Credit:@braidsplug There are a lot of misconceptions about protective styling, particularly […]

Haircare Products For An Easy Glam

By Finest Hairs

Have you ever stepped out without a hair out of place? Then you know the sheer joy of looking breathtakingly awesome, like something out of a magazine. It is such a beautiful feeling that when you get home, you don’t want to undress, clean off the makeup or remove the hairpins, because you’re just looking […]

How To Care For The Hair Under Your Wig

By Ifeoma

Hmmm. (We’re rolling our eyes here) The conversation about this topic is not one that many ladies want to have. However, we must talk about it. We must shatter the tables and drag your edges! lol Ladies, take it from us. One of the commandments to live by is to ensure that the hair under […]

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